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Below you’ll find some of our most amazing patient testimonials for hormone replacement therapy and other services.  Our patients love us and everything we do for them.  We would never share any of our medical records, so having them go out of their way to take their experience public means the world to us.


Our medical office in Miami, FL specialize in hormone replacement therapy but we also take a holistic approach to your health.  We have a variety of solutions from IV therapy to Heavy Metals Testing to make sure that we find the cause of your symptoms.  We only prescribe hormone replacement therapy after a full consultation and rigorous lab analysis.


Have you had a positive experience at one of our Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinics in Miami?  A review would mean the world to us!!!  Please leave us a Google review or on the platform of your choice by clicking one of the respective icons below.  Thank you so much!  We look forward to seeing you again.

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Before I met you at the Medical Health Institute, this is what I looked like. I was always tired no matter how my day was going. I had no energy and struggled in the bedroom. I felt depressed and worthless, and life was starting to get extremely difficult for me. Fast forward a couple months, and this is what I look like now, thanks to your expertise. This is the best I’ve ever felt since my early 20’s. I work long, hard days and still have tons of energy to hit the gym. My anxiety and depression have disappeared. My energy levels are through the roof, and my sex drive is on fire. My wife and kids notice the difference since I started as well. As I play more with both of them and still feel like a million bucks. I want to say thank you for helping me out and making me feel alive again. I’ll definitely get the word out to all my friends and family, and everyone I know as you guys have changed my life.


Thank You,
Moises Rojas

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After moving to  northern Idaho, I began serious weight training in 2014. With the help  of my friend Toby, a supplement shop owner and former bodybuilder, I  embarked on a strict regimen of training and eating. Although I had just  turned 60, throughout my entire life, I dreamed of being fit and  strong, but work and life got in the way. Now that I was retired, I had  the time and the desire to improve my fitness level. I started on a  program, working out about five times a week, sometimes with a trainer. I  did get stronger, but not much happened with my body. Like all of us,  we want to get bigger, leaner and stronger, but even with all the  supplements I was taking, I did not see much change.

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Turning  62 in 2016, I had a discussion with my doctor about my frustration to  alter my body composition even with regular weight training and careful  eating. He reviewed my blood work and pointed out that my total  testosterone was 220. He said that 220 was below normal and asked if I  had I considered testosterone optimization therapy, which would involve  injections. I said, no, I wasn’t ready for that. But actually, I did not  know anything about the benefits and implementation of testosterone  optimization therapy A.K.A “TRT”.

After  another six months of training and manipulating my diet, no real results  appeared. My friend Toby had worked with Michael Bertonatti at Medical  Health Institute (MHI) in Florida. He suggested I call.


I  began on April 1, 2017. The “before” picture was taken the last week of  March 2017. My body composition on March 31, according to InBody  impedance machine was: weight 197 lbs; lean muscle weight 99.2 lbs; and  body fat 11.4%.


After about four weeks, I  noticed changes. My InBody now read weight 198 lbs; lean muscle weight  105.2 lbs; and body fat 6.3%. I felt good, and I was more aggressive in  weight selection at the gym, I had more energy. My libido improved. Did I  really gain 6 pounds of muscle in a month? Probably not, machine  impedance has its limitations, but I felt great! Last January, I reached  109 lbs of muscle. That is 10 lbs of muscle in 9 months!


Injecting  was difficult at first, but now it goes smoothly. I keep a spread sheet  on the wall to remind me when to take my prescriptions. I became a  regular blood donor to keep my red blood cell count in the normal range.  My doctor is okay with the results, and he was surprised at my new  testosterone level being around 1050! I keep close attention on my liver  enzyme (AST), PSA and my estrogen levels, but almost everything else is  in the normal range. I get blood work every 3-4 months.


My  latest InBody measurements were: weight 195 lbs; lean muscle weight 104  lbs; and body fat 5.6%. I purposely stayed lean during the summer.  The “after” picture was taken in October 2018.


Now  that a year and a half has passed, I believe I have reaped the benefits  of TRT with little downside. I am grateful for the help Medical Health  Institute has provided. I have met a few men at the gym who are on TRT,  but their doctors (and thus themselves) are clueless about the finer  points of TRT. Michael and Daniel are head and shoulders above most  General Practitioners because of their experience. I have also had a  consultation with Dr. Eberewein at MHI, he has been very helpful, and I  trust him to keep me on a safe and sane regimen. I cannot recommend  their services enough, and as a matter-of-fact, 3 of my friends have  become clients since then.

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Medical Health Institute has restored my self-esteem and my future, here is the explanation. In my very late 40’s I had gotten soft, and the weight kept piling on, and it wasn’t good poundage. While I was working out just as hard, I also had increased my cardio, as well as tightened my diet.  BUT the body fat kept increasing. As I have heart disease in my father ’s family lineage, I became increasingly concerned. I was a ticking time bomb, and I had to make a change in order to avoid the family fate as all of my father’s line had a major heart attack in their late ’40s or at the latest, early ’50s.


To add to this concern, my afternoon’s work focus became almost impossible without a nap, and most of the time, a ’20 minute power nap,’ didn’t work. Lastly and not least, let’s not talk about the ‘bedroom’ activity as is was ‘not so good’. Enough said! ​While the pictures say it A LOT, yet, it is not ALL of the story. Here is what has happened with Medical Health Institute’s treatment plan.


  • Muscle increased
  • FAT began to fall off, eventually 50lbs. of it.
  • Focus for the entire workday & Longer.
  • The bedroom activity was HUGELY improved, in a BIG way!!




Now, I feel fantastic, I look better, and I’m able to focus throughout my entire work day! Thank you so much to the team at Medical Health Institute, especially Dr. Rudolph Eberwein and Michael Bertonatti. I am the real result of the real expertise of the Medical Health Institute. Training results by http://www.talkwithcoach.com by Darryl Daniels

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I am 52 years old and this is my story on how I lost weight and body fat that changed my life. How did I lose over 35 lbs. and over 50% of body fat in 180 Days?


I can tell you in a few words: Discipline, Hard Work and the most important factor a proper Diet. One of the biggest things that changed my life is joining the Medical Health Institute. My testosterone level was at 166 which is very low. With the help from team at  Medical Health Institute I was able to raise my level which gave me better energy that allowed me to work out 6 days a weight. The thing that made me get serious was the photo (above) taken late July 2018 while on vacation.  Until I saw the photo that that my wife took, I was in total denial about being overweight still. I just did not see myself as overweight weighed 243 pounds with a body fat of 38.6%.

richard hrt before
richard hrt after



I have lost over 35 lbs. and went from wearing a pant size of 40 to 33 inches- that’s 7 inches off my waist!  I felt great buying new clothes and getting others tailored to fit my new frame. Now the real work starts, with the continuing help of the Medical Health Institute,  I know I will reach my goal to get below 10% body fat. I just need to stay on track and focused to keep the weight off this time. Now the hard work really starts, I must stay focused on my new healthy way of life to ensure that I don’t slip back into my old ways of eating. I will do whatever it takes to stay fit because I am truly committed to a healthy way of life and fitness program. A big thanks to the whole team at Medical Health Institute.

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I began using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy myself.  This is where I began experiencing all the positive and powerful benefits of  bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Now, I understand how to properly optimize a patients health no matter what the circumstances. With the experience of seeing hundreds of patients, reviewing their clinical labs, and listening to their symptoms, I am confident that I can properly identify and treat the patient’s issues and have proven to do so.  As one of the owners of the company, it means the world to say that I am also a client and a consumer myself. I am not your standard doctor in a lab coat writing out prescriptions to medications that I have not had a 1st hand  experience with, tested, and proven to work.


This is only the beginning of a journey that I will continue to perfect. Everything my team and I offer are medications that we have tried, tested, and gotten real positive results from. These are real people with real results;  these are not photoshopped models or airbrushed pictures.  if your  doctor or trainer does not have the body, the health or fitness level  that you are looking for, then I suggest you reconsider the people you  are getting advice from. At 50, I feel healthier, more energetic, and  mentally sharper then I did in my twenties, and here are my results to  prove it.

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For the past 10 years, I’ve  been helping patients attain optimal health without using the help of  conventional medicine. I’ve researched pretty much everything you can imagine in nutrition, exercise,  ayurvedic and functional remedies with a passion for understanding well-being. I’ve always preached “the food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or  the slowest form of poison.”


When I was 22 years old, I suffered from erectile dysfunction and is what led me on this journey of finding optimal wellness. My allopathic doctor prescribed me so much Adderall that I ended up suffering from adrenal fatigue and is what caused most of my ED. Once I discovered hormone optimization therapy and gave it a shot, there was no looking back. My life after that was literally a new one! My sex drive, energy, ambition, drive, and most of all, my ED was  finally fixed! Today, I stand and swear by testosterone therapy because  it honestly saved my life. I would recommend it to anyone having any of  these symptoms.

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