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 Well, here it is!  To achieve optimal results with your new hormonal treatment, you’ll hear us talk about eating a healthy diet and supplementing your regimen with NSF targeted supplements.  This ensures to fill the gaps and cracks within your nutritional diet. Having well-rounded hormones will make a big difference in how you feel and function. However, having healthy optimized hormones and the right type of diet along with your treatment will have a massive difference in your body composition.  In addition, your neurological function, and vitality will experience a colossal difference. We will construct a detailed personalized diet upon your lifestyle, blood type, and genetic dispositions. If you decide to embark this personalized program and you shadow it to a T, we are confident to tell you that you are bound to achieve guaranteed results or simply your money back.


With our team of experts, we will figure out what nutritional program works best for you. Hormone optimization is not a one-size-fits-all pit stop.  In fact, they are just a huge piece of the pie. Vice versa, taking a one-size-fits-all approach towards nutrition doesn’t work either. Your lifestyle, schedule, body chemistry, sleep quality and tastes in food are all unique to you. Maybe you have food allergies or sensitivities, which we can examine for as well. Or perhaps you’re a vegetarian…

Are you looking to lose weight or body fat? Or are you an athlete trying to gain strength? Are you looking to gain weight and increase power? Our nutritionist specialist, when putting together a nutritional package that is ideal for you, he will take all of these details into consideration.



Well, for one thing, it means convenience because you won’t have to take time out of your busy day to meet with your nutritionist from Medical Health Institute. We can make this simple & easy for you to follow by setting up an appointment via Skype or a simple phone call. If this does not appeal to you, simply arrange to meet with your Medical Health nutritionist in our office. The point is that the choice is yours; we are just here to facilitate and make the process easier for you.



Meet Danielle Durante, our Medical Health Institute Nutrition Consultant! Danielle believes that we can combine old-fashioned wisdom and contemporary science.  This allows us to nourish and detoxify our bodies, support hormone optimization, and support graceful aging through the foods we eat. After healing all of her own chronic health issues with dietary changes, Danielle truly understood the power of nutrition. She was able to ditch the prescriptions and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Through her own journey, Danielle found her passion for nutrition. She began studying it to be able to share her findings with others to help them improve their own lives.



Danielle became a Certified Bio-Individual Nutrition Consultant and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Her programs are individualized and help clients to establish new habits to support a healthy lifestyle. Danielle specializes in working with a variety of chronic conditions, hormone imbalances, weight loss clients, and those looking for more energy and vitality.

Ms. Durante believes that optimal health is our birth-right! As we make our way through life, we often develop symptoms of ill health and feel a loss of vitality. Nutritional Therapy Practitioners dig deep to identify the root cause of these symptoms and address underlying imbalances so that the client can thrive with optimal health.



An example of an “imbalance” would be someone who consumes too many omega-6 fatty acids and not enough omega-3 fatty acids. This imbalance can contribute to a host of issues related to inflammation, skin problems, slow healing, and even depression. Another example would be someone who is deficient in a particular nutrient, such as iron, and as a result, has symptoms of fatigue or slow metabolism.  Someone with food intolerances can have imbalances that manifest as inflammation in the digestive tract which can attribute to systemic inflammation and autoimmune disease.



We use a comprehensive Nutritional Assessment tool to graph an individual’s areas of strength and weakness (or “imbalances”) in the categories of diet, digestion, blood sugar regulation, essential fatty acid balance, mineral balance, and hydration. These six areas are the foundations of nutritional therapy. Weaknesses in the foundations lead to the degenerative health problems that plague the modern world. The Nutritional Assessment tool also highlights imbalances in the areas of endocrine, immune, and cardiovascular health as well as detoxification pathways associated with liver and colon function.



Danielle’s programs gently unravel negating food behaviors, attitudes, and habits by crafting customized nutrition plans for clients based on their social, cultural, religious, financial, and medical needs. She offers individual client consults in-office and via FaceTime.  Danielle operates in a virtual online world where clients can message her securely while sharing a variety of media files.  Some of these files include photos of meals, photos, recipes, restaurant menus, and questions, grocery store tours, pantry makeovers, She has extensive experience in counseling for nutrition, uniquely, as it relates to disease management and prevention. She has helped many people achieve their goals and make their life more nourished.

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Every client will receive an emailed personalized nutritional program, including menu plans, supplement recommendations, relevant articles, helpful websites, and more. If you need further biochemical assistance we offer micro-biome testing, food sensitivity testing, or micro-nutrient testing to detect and address exactly what the issue is at hand. Aaron & our medical director can evaluate your lab results, medical history information, symptoms, and goals to make a sustainable nutritional plan that is individualized to your needs

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