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We would be happy to help you optimize your sexual function with this breakthrough, 20-minute non-invasive treatment. Below, is everything you need to know in regards to GAINSWave treatment, and how it could absolutely help you. If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is the GAINSWave Shockwave Therapy?


The GAINSWave is a proven ED treatment protocol for men that improves sexual performance, treats erectile dysfunction and keeps the penis healthy. It is scientifically backed up proven protocol with over 47 FDA cleared studies, showing it absolutely works. GAINSWave will benefit any man seeking to enhance his sexual pleasure and performance. As you age, the blood vessels in your penis break down. The GAINSWave protocol uses high-frequency acoustical waves to stimulate the increase in blood flow to the penis. Thus, resulting in improved blood flow. Improved blood flow helps any man obtain stronger and more sustainable erections. Results could last up to 2 years! To see a video on how GAINSWave actually works, please click here.


What is the national cost of a GAINSWave treatment?


The treatment plans are according to a patients SHIM score (erectile dysfunction score that measures the severity of a patients ED). For mild to moderate ED, six-session packages are $3000, for severe ED, 12 session packages are $5000, or for those who just want overall improvement in their erectile performance, $500 for one treatment. But that’s not all, additionally, we will throw in a PDE-5 inhibitor like Viagra or Cialis, free complete hormonal blood work (dependent upon your insurance policy), and a free hormone optimization consultation with our doctor ($250 value). However, paying one session at a time does not include the PDE-5 inhibitor, doctor consultation, nor blood work.


Our Gainswave referral fee program


For every client, you refer to us that signs up, we will give you a free GAINSWave session.

gainswave miami | Ed treatment
gainswave miami
gainswave miami | Ed treatment



As you get older, the blood vessels that supply blood to your penis begin to close up and decay. When these blood vessels become clogged, much the same way as the buildup of plaque in coronary arteries can lead to heart disease, the constricted blood vessels in your penis lead to erectile dysfunction.


GAINSWave works by using high-frequency acoustic waves to open existing blood vessels in the penis, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and eliminate micro-plaque. The gently pulsating waves of the GAINSWave machine promote increased blood flow to the penis. It achieves this by opening existing blood vessels and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. The pulsating waves also trigger a healing response that “wakes-up” dormant stem cells and growth factors in the penis. The release of these “growth factors” also leads to the creation of new blood vessels, as well as the overall rejuvenation of erectile tissue. The result is increased blood in the penis resulting in stronger, harder, and more sustainable erections.




80% of men with ED who have received the GAINSWave™ saw a reversal of their condition and gave up taking oral erectile dysfunction drugs, and nearly 90% of all men receiving the treatment have reported positive results and improved sexual performance!




  • Enhances Erections
  • Improves Sexual Performance
  • Increases Sensation in the penis
  • More Spontaneous erections
  • Better orgasm
  • Treats Peyronie’s Disease
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What are the advantages of GAINSWave over other ED TREATMENTS and MEDICATIONS?


  • Drug and surgery free
  • Completely non-invasive, and has no known side effects
  • Simple in-office procedure, with each treatment taking only 20 minutes
  • Provides long-lasting results with no downtime
  • Only protocol that actually addresses the root cause of erectile dysfunction (i.e. poor blood flow)


Is there clinical research about gainswave therapy?


Numerous studies show this is the most effective ED treatment available. We have all the clinical data on our website.


How does GAINSWAVE treat Peyronie’s Disease?


Peyronie’s disease is characterized by fibrous scar tissue that forms beneath the surface of the penis. This scar tissue can often make it difficult or impossible to have a normal erection. The number of men with Peyronie’s who also have Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is quite high. The GAINSWave has been shown to be a drug-free, surgery-free way to break down the scar tissue and reduce the curvature of the penis typical of Peyronie’s Disease.


Bremelanotide PT 141 Subcutaneous Injection (Free Injection Give Away With Therapy)


Bremelanotide was developed from the peptide hormone Melanotan II. In initial testing, Melanotan II did induce tanning but additionally caused sexual arousal and spontaneous erections as unexpected side effects in nine out of the ten original male volunteer test subjects (Ref: Uni of Arizona Dr Hunter Wells). Further testing showed Bremelanotide to induce lordosis and was also effective in treating sexual dysfunction in both men (erectile dysfunction or impotence) and women (sexual arousal disorder). Unlike Viagra and other related medications, it does not act upon the vascular system but directly increases sexual desire via the nervous system.

gainswave miami | Ed treatment



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