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Alternatives to Cenegenics


Age management is one of the fastest-growing trends in medicine in the U.S. Cenegenics was one of the most, if not, the most popular anti-aging clinic in the United States that focuses on nutrition and hormone optimization therapy. They were the godfather clinic who started paving the way for the hormone replacement therapy world and made this whole industry what it is today. Unfortunately, it was mostly for high end or celebrity type of clientele because of the cost and distance restriction they had at the time.


Today, age management or aka “anti-aging” treatments are more popular than ever before.  This is happening as an increasing number of baby boomers look for alternative solutions to help them regain or retain their health and vitality. Anti-aging science like hormone replacement therapy isn’t just for older adults.  Young men and women as old as 30 years of age (or older) could potentially start a preventative approach towards their health.  As a result, they can continue looking and feeling as great as possible for as long as possible. Note, all of this could be determined after a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s blood and current physical status.

alternatives to cenegenics
alternatives to cenegenics


As the story goes, Cenegenics were known for their age management program which contained four components to it.  These components were telomere testing, heart disease prevention, a personalized hormonal plan, and supplements. (Please note, this is not necessarily the exact order on which they may go about their 4 step process). First, a Cenegenics telomere test is done which measures your biological age from your chronological age and which tells the physician a patient’s real age and how fast or rate your cells are aging. Second, they address if there is a stroke and heart disease risk to see if you are a good candidate for therapy. Third, they set you up with a personalized program to address any concerns with supplements, exercise plan. Fourth, a tailored hormonal therapy program is made for you.


The Medical Health Institute offers every single step Cenegenics does and more.  In addition, we offer this giving our patients the free will of picking different packages. Some patients are more serious or dedicated to their health than others.  As a result, the telomere test or supplements might not be as crucial as for another.  We provide different options to the patient depending on their goals and financial means. The point is that we help as many people as we can, with the same quality of service but without compromising our integrity.



As a Cenegenics patient, you may be advised to purchase very expensive private supplement and hormone formulations that may cost between $500 to $1000 per month. Cenegenics hormone replacement therapies can add thousands of dollars to your monthly costs and on top of all of this, a monthly medical fee that may be up to $800.


At the Medical Health Institute, our treatments are at the same level and quality of purity but without private labeling which makes it substantially more affordable to the patient. All these minor details (private labeling)  take away from the patient’s checkbook.  We made sure to take them out and be as transparent as possible with the patient.  As a result they can go home knowing they got a great deal on any of our hormone, supplement, or aesthetic treatments.




While Cenegenics is a recognizable brand, it isn’t the only option. There are many alternatives to Cenegenics. Wellness clinics and doctors like the ones at the Medical Health Institute, now focus on advanced age management protocols.  This is in order to help patients optimize their quality of life and prevent age-related disease like Diabetes and heart disease. If you’re feeling tired or not at your best and happened to be interested in revitalizing your health with testosterone and/or human growth hormone programs, it’s essential to get hormonally checked and screened first. If needed, an excellent anti-aging plan is customized to your needs, general health, risk factors, and hormone levels. Depending on your situation, a treatment plan can include a number of things such as:

  • Nutrition plan
  • Exercise recommendation
  • Stress management videos
  • Targeted nutritional supplementation
  • Personalized hormone replacement therapy


Good bio-identical hormone therapies are based on calculated science, rather than on high or hard to see fees. One of the best alternatives to Cenegenics is the Medical Health Institute. If you would like to get on a life-changing treatment and want the same quality of service, then give us a call and book an appointment with us. We are determined to heal and help everyone who is committed to improving and optimizing their life.

alternatives to cenegenics featured




The majority of people who call our clinic think because the best treatment is the most expensive.  It’s like the old saying goes “You get what you pay for. Well, this is not necessarily true when it comes to the field of hormone replacement therapy.  Let us truthfully tell you that the cost is more related to the business overhead and profit margin than to its quality. 95% of the functional medicine or hormone replacement therapy clinics in the United States work with the same 503A or 503B compounding pharmacies. So whether the quality of the medications you purchase from a prestigious clinic or us will be the same quality. The only difference would be the doctor to patient experience, staff etiquette, knowledge, support system, and therapy protocols.

One of our current patients decided to switch over from Cenegenics to the Medical Health Institute for a variety of reasons.  They noted that the cost and poor follow up service were big reasons. In addition, the cost of an initial Cenegenics therapy, which includes initial doctor consultation, physical exam, and blood work, (dependent of the treatment administered) can cost a patient as much as $15,000 to $30,000 per year.

To be clear and not discredit them, Cenegenics is a respectable anti-aging center.  They are a facility who most of us in the industry can agree were basically the pioneers of this wellness industry or hormone replacement therapy. With a team of doctors who are well informed and educated in the field of hormone replacement therapy or what we like to call it today “hormone optimization therapy.” However, since this industry is rapidly growing due to its self-evident benefits and preventive properties, fortunately, Cenegenics is no longer the only option.




Today, we now have enough data to treat a patient ten times better than the protocols that were set in place ten years ago. This is due to many new doctors who are well educated pursuing careers in HRT and hormone optimization.  Sprinkle in the latest research advancement in the field of testosterone and growth hormone optimization therapies and you have a booming industry. For example, today there are over 80 peer-reviewed studies on Pubmed and other medical search engines showing that testosterone is not only a safe medication to administer but could potentially prevent many types of diseases. However, the caveat here is, ONLY if prescribed appropriately by a physician that genuinely knows what he is doing, and who possibly is a consumer himself.  This is opposed to just going by the standard medical testosterone protocol from a medical book.




The doctors at Medical Health Institute are also HRT patients themselves. Prescribing testosterone or growth hormone without the doctor being a consumer himself, or at least have experienced the effects of prophylactic treatments, is (literally) like learning to drive a car from a person who has never driven himself. Other than read in a book the instructions on how to operate a vehicle.

The problem, however, with Cenegenics is not necessarily a lack of quality service, but more the sky-high costs of their wellness programs. Cenegenics has for many years, position itself as the leading provider for female and male hormone replacement therapy, but today, they have lost a significant share of the market due to their pricey therapies. This is another reason that makes us one of the best alternatives to Cenegenics.




In a rapidly growing HRT industry, which we believe, will become the standard practice of medicine because rather than the standard approach to medicine, which treats the symptoms of an individual, we address the system as a whole and restore optimal balance within the body and bring it back to its natural state of health. This allows us to deal with the underlying root causes of a patient’s condition.

We are here to confidently tell you that one of the best alternatives to Cenegenics is the Medical Health Institute. Apart from having more reasonable pricing, we have unmatched therapy protocols and the utmost best customer care service in south Florida. If you look online, we are the leading providers of testosterone, peptides, and human growth hormone therapy in South Florida.

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